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Welcome to CRC Corporate Plan

CRC values

I take pleasure in presenting the corporate plan for 2007-2012 of the  Community Relations Commission For a multicultural NSW.

The Commission is proud of its leadership role in community relations. In the last five years, we have witnessed international events, including civil wars, political disturbances, acts of terrorism and natural disasters that had considerable impact upon our community. Our work enabled New South Wales to successfully maintain harmony and cohesiveness within its community through these events.

The cultural and linguistic diversity of this State will continue to pose new challenges to our ability to serve and engage. At the same time, it presents real opportunities for the multicultural community to contribute to the economic growth of New South Wales and Australia.

In the next five years, we will build on our unique knowledge and experience to strengthen the link between the multicultural community and various sectors of the New South Wales society.

The Corporate Plan 2007-2012 sets out our mission focusing on engaging the community, provision of direct services, promotion of community harmony and promotion of the benefits of multiculturalism.

On every step of the way, we will focus on the targets set by the NSW  Government’s State Plan and we will work with the government, private and community sectors to achieve better outcomes. Our values will guide the standard and manner in which we do our work.

I look forward to working with our partners in promoting community harmony and the benefits of multiculturalism.


  Stepan Kerkyasharian AM