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CRC Linking Policy

Links to third-party websites:

The Community Relations Commission For a multicultural NSW does not add links to other websites (organisations) unless we have a relationship or conduct business with them.

Generally, links provided on the CRC website are limited only to the Australian government and to not-for profit community organisations. These links to third party websites are provided only as a suitable reference source.

However, the nature of the internet prevents CRC from guaranteeing the suitability or accuracy of any material that this site may be linked to. Consequently, the CRC:

  • does not represent that the material appearing on linked sites is complete, accurate or up-to-date.
  • does not necessarily endorse that material
  • does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense that may occur as a result of using or relying on material appearing at the linked sites
  • does not guarantee that any of the linked sites will be available any particular time.

It is your responsibility to conduct your own investigations and enquiries, and make your own decisions, concerning the information retrieved from linked sites.

Links to CRC website

If you plan to create a link, the CRC requests that you adopt the following guidelines:

  • the correct name for this site is Community Relations Commission For a multicultural NSW
  • the correct website address (URL) is
  • links to Community Relations Commissions website should be to the home page
  • linking to other parts of the site poses risks as the page to which you link may move or become unavailable
  • the Commission logo is a registered trademark and may not be reproduced without the prior written permission of the Community Relations Commission
  • permission is not granted to reproduce, frame or reformat the files, pages, images, information and materials from this site without the permission of the Community Relations Commission
  • for any other proposed use, other than as permitted above, please contact the CRC for formal permission.
  • The CRC reserves the right to prevent linking by giving notice.

Please inform the Commission if you intend linking to the Commissions website.